27.customers’ questions about XTLASER fiber laser cutting machine-Ella

When use a fiber laser cutting machine for first time,customers will face many problems about machine.

So we made a summary of customers’ questions about laser cutting machine during work.

Question 1: Cutting machines equipped with a system for recognizing the curvature of the sheet?

Yes, there is capacitor on laser head, which can detect it and laser head has follow-up system.

Question 2: What is the curvature of the sheet?      32mm

Question 3: What files formats use adlink/CypCut for cutting?

DXF or PLT file, same as Ezcad software.

Question 4: The standard voltage in philippines is 220v at 60hz.

Can your equipment meet this spec? Most makers put in a variable frequency bet 50-60hz.

We can offer you Voltage Transformer and Stabilizer, it can meet your demand,

because we just sold one set of laser machine to Taiwan, it is same as yours, 220v 3 phases.

Voltage Transformer and Stabilizer is worth 3000 USD/set, 60Hz is also no problem.


Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

1)Fiber laser cutting machine noise.

Fiber laser cutting machine noise is less than 75db,

while the traditional noise of sheet metal processing equipment are more than 90db.

studies have shown that long-term life in the 90db noise environment,

will seriously affect the hearing and cause neurasthenia, headache, high blood pressure and other diseases.

With the advancement of fiber laser cutting machines,

fully-enclosed laser cutting machines have been created that will further reduce noise and dust pollution.


2)Laser cutting machine equipment has less oil pollution.

Due to the high precision, auxiliary gas of laser cutting machine is Nitrogen or Oxygen.

So it is basically to avoid serious oil pollution.

Therefore, the emergence of machine for building a resource-saving and environment-

friendly society has made a significant contribution.


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