New model jewelry laser welding machine-Angelina

New model jewelry laser welding machine

In recent days we received more and more customers inquired about the jewelry laser welding machine.

To make u have a better understanding to this type machine, this passage we would like to talk more details.

We all know that the jewelry laser welding machine is mainly for silver and brass welding.

Therefore it has wide application in the jewelry industry.

For all models, the desktop type is the most popular in the market.

We design a new model with white color, many customers asked this in recent days.

This type machine is small in size , which could help save much space and shipping cost.

Comparing with the former model, this type machine performance has improved a lot.

Besides, for this type machine, it support the Korean language .

The customer who is from South Korea could consider this model:
jewelry laser welding machine

In fact, for the jewelry laser welding machine,it could weld all kinds of metals except for silver or gold.

1.Product Description of jewelry laser welding machine


  1. Complete machine ergonomic designfurther fits jewelry industry of which the products are meticulous and artistic and property is stable and it also meets the needs of long time continuous operation.
  2. The head cushion and bracket arm cushion are added especially so that long time operation is more comfortable.
  3. Large inner space is convenient for setting out of tools and fixtures.
  4. Electric focusing device is equipped in working region and laser parameters are applied to adjusting lights for renewal of dust screen, clearing of working region and recovery of welding dust.
  5. Observation of welding positions is clearer by using adjustable high brightness of LED ring astral lamp and German brand Microscope.
  6. More meticulous light points meets requirements of more meticulous welding.

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