customers’ questions about Co2 laser engraving machine-Ella

customers’ questions about Co2 laser engraving machine

Questions about co2 laser engraving machine

What kind of cooling system is required for this engraving machine?

Can you send a youtube video link for this machine operation?

What are the function of the following items?

1.Motorized up & down table

Making worktable move up and down by motor, suit for various thickness material processing.

2.Auto focus

It can set the optimal focus according to the thickness of object through sensor automatically,

instead of focus board to set the focus manually.It should used with motorized up and down table.

3.Rotary device:

check this video:

It is used for engraving round objects, like cups, tubes.etc.

4.Reflect mirror and lens

There are 3 reflect mirrors and one focus lens inside the machine.

Reflect mirrors are to change way laser beam, let lase beam can work on prouct.

Focus lens are used to laser beam stay together, so it can have power to engrave on materials.

5.Metal slat work table.

This kind of table is mainly for cutting. Because after cutting the products can easily go down the drawer collector.

But for you, your mainly job is engraving, so we offer you honeycomb work table, mainly for engraving.

6.Honeycomb table

As for soft material engraving and cutting, it can suck the material on worktable.

7.Red dot pointer

Making laser beam visible, so adjustment of laser beam would be much easier.

8.Water chiller

Cooling laser tube, prolong lifetime of laser tube.

Because your laser tube is only 60watts, no need to use water chiller.

9.When to use the supplied “focusing stick”?

Whether it’s required to align the distance of the top surface of the work piece from the lock cap for holding the focus lens?

In case of motorized up & down table it’s possible to move the work piece to match the distance,

but in case of fixed table how to match this distance? Whether rotating by the cap itself?

Or in this case, the work piece has to be of fixed thickness all the time?

It’s required to align the distance of the top surface of the work piece from the lock cap for holding the focus lens.

I have checked packaging photos, pls do not move Up & Down table, keep it original position,

because your double color sheet is not thick , so no need move the table.

Just put your sheets on honeycomb table and adjust focus with focus stick.

About how to adjust foucus, pls check Page 20-22 carefully.

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