customers questions about XTLASER laser cutting machine-Ella

customers’ questions about XTLASER laser cutting machine

1.Singapore customer’s question: Please send the quotation to us for

1)Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Cutting area: 6000x2000m

Laser Power: 2KW (Imported  IPG Laser Source YLR)

Automatic Exchangeable working table

Machine with enclosure

Shipping Charges: CIF Singapore Port

What is the laser cutting head brand? Auto focus or Manual?

What is the water chiller brand?

What is the input power supply? If the machine’s power supply is 380V,

can you advise the step down transformer (415V to 380V) price?

In Singapore, power supply for three phase is 415V.

What is the total power consumption for this machine?

Please provide the machine catalog&cutting parameter list.

2) How much do we need to top up if we want to change the standard cutting head

to Precitec Auto focus cutting head (Light Cutter)?

 3)Dust & fume extractor for above machine: Price? Brand? Please provide the catalogue.

What is the input power supply?

Answers: According to your questions in last email, we are honor to answer all of them and list a table here:
1 shipping cost to Singapore USD3000 (two 40’FR to deliver machine)
2 laser cutting head XTLASER brand with automatic focus
(change to Germany Precitec,just need add USD21000)
3 water chiller XTLASER brand with double temperature and double control.
Water chiller inside need to add purified water or distilled water.
(It’s also no problem if you want to use other brand of water chiller,like Tongfei)
4 Voltage Singapore, power supply for three phase is 415V,need a voltage stabilizer.
If customer local voltage range from 330v to 450v,
just need a voltage Stabilizer.
If customer local voltage is below 330v or more than 450v,
need use a voltage stable transformer.
5 cosumption power 20.35kw
Including Laser Source Power(2kw)x4=8kw
Water chiller 3P: 4.5kw
Motor Power:
2* Y axis 1300w=2600w
1*X axis=850w
1*Z axis= 400w
Exchange table power: 3000w
Extra power consumption:1kw
6 Dust & fume extractor Price: USD500
Brand:XTLASER Produce
(if you want to change other brand we can also provide)
Input power supply: 3kw


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