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Mopa laser marking ID card

XT LASER main products

mopa laser marking ID card. XT laser is professional fiber laser machine manufacture. which start in this field since 2004. Our main product including marking and cutting machine.

For marking machine , we have several kinds.  Like fiber laser, mopa laser , UV Laser and green laser. This artical is mainly for mopa laser.

Mopa laser can be used as fiber laser marking machine. But mopa laser has stronger power than fiber laser. As it can do some work fiber laser can not do.

For example mark on SS for colors. Like mark black on anodized aluminum. Also the ID card marking work. Which fiber laser not easy to do.

As plastic material is complicated componets. Sometimes fiber laser can not mark it at all. Need mopa laser to do this work.

XT LASER mopa laser marking

Here to share some work vedio of mopa laser mark on PVC card. Many customer choose our mopa laser for ID card marking.

Do you have same requirment?

mopa laser marking ID card-

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