deep marking-how many depth can the 50w fiber laser marking machine mark on metal?-Jill

Deep marking-“How many depth can the 50w fiber laser marking machine mark on metal?”

Most of our customers also ask this question with deep marking.
We did many test on this and we are professional in this field.
Here we would like to share you some info.
Hope they can be helpful to you.


First,it depends on the material.The commonly used metal are stainless steel,carbon steel and aluminum.
As for these three kinds of metal,ss is easier to do deep marking.According to our experience,it takes about minutes to cut the 1mm ss.But if you want to do deep engraving on it,the ss material will generate high heat.And at the same time,it could change the ss shape.
As for cs,deformation did not always takes about minutes to mark 1mm. But marking time also depends on the marking text content.
As for Aluminum,it is similar to ss.


deep marking on aluminum


Second,it depends on the speed.when we mention the speed ,we always compare it.For the same depth,the laser power higher,the speed faster.


Last but not least,based on the theory,if the machine can mark 0.1mm per time(a depth of 0.1mm), then 10 times is 1mm.But in fact,we found that this is not the case.Because after marking on the metal,the material surface will form something like rust(marking waste).And Rust can hinder the following marking.So when we de deep mark,it is neccessary that we mark on time and then clean one time.For laser marking machine,this functin is available.


What’s more,as for the speed,it depends on the laser.if you want to know more about it ,you can check the following article.


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