Adjustment of Light Beam Focus for fiber laser -lisa

Adjustment of Light Beam Focus for fiber laser cutting machine-lisa

fiber laser cutting machine/laser cutter/metal laser cutting machine

During the laser cutting, the relative location and cutting sheet metal surface will affect on cutting quality largely , and it is very important to adjust the focus position.

Gernerally trial cut can be conducted by changing focus of fiber laser cutting machine, the focal position of corresponding steel plate will arise when there is no adhering slag on the reverse side, and the joint-cutting is thinnest,

After changing the relative location of cutting head and board,  the cutting head and sensor null point shall be changed accordingly, too.

Slight adjustment will be completed by adjusting software cutting height;

In case of large adjustment quantity, it’s necessary to adjust relative position of sensor and support to complete adjustment of focal point.
Name and focal position Cutting material and section features
Zero focal length: The focus is on the surface of cutting workpiece The method used for carbon steel and other materials.

The focus is on the surface of cutting bow and arrow. As for cutting effect, the upper surface is smooth and down surface isn’t smooth

Positive focal length: The focus is inside cutting workpiece Usage mode of aluminium products and other workpieces.

Compared with the condition adopting zero focal length, the cutting width, flow rate of cutting gas and the time of punching are greater if the focus located at the center due to the wide range of smooth surface.n

Negative focal length: The focus is beneath cutting workpiece Method used at the time of cutting corrosion resistant plate.

When cutting  stainless steel, then the high-pressure nitrogen will blow away molten slag. Cut width will increase as the plate thickness.


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