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Detailed Parts Introduction of Tube Laser Cutter

As a professional manufacturer of fiber laser machine,
XTLASER has over 14 years’ experience in producing laser cutting machine and laser marking machine.
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Since laser tube cutting machine is getting more and more popular in metal processing industry,
such as furniture, kitchenware industry, elevator, automobiles and so on.
Fiber laser has Infiltrated all aspects of people’s daily life.
1.Recently we got many orders of laser tube cutter,
however most of them know little about laser tube cutter,
so I made a summary of detailed parts of laser tube cutter for customers’ reference.
1.Fixed chunk at the front.
2.Servo motor of the front chunk
3.Motor reducer of the front chunk
4.Deceleration belt of  front chunk
5.Moved chunk at the behind
6.Two Servo motors of behind chunk
7.Two reducers of behind chunk
8.Deceleration belt of behind chunk

Firstly,for the tube cutting,we use 3 servo motors and 3 motor reducers, and 2 deceleration belts.

Especially for heavy tube,higher speed servo motor’s shaking will influence cutting precision,

reducer is the first way to decelerate,the deceleration belt is the second way to decelerate,

these two parts will make sure the cutting precision and effect.

Secondly,we use the sealed chunk,some factories maybe use the open structure chunk,

but the precision of open type is just 0.5mm,

our sealed chunk can reach a higher precision–0.03mm,

you can image the difference of working precision between one sealed chunk and open type.

The most important is that you want to cut different kinds of pipes,round,square,rectangle pipe,

the sealed one can fix all  kinds of tubes,but the open one just for round pipe.

2.Besides,we use one set of rack and pinion,two sets of guide rail to make sure the cutting precision and stability.

Finally,hope all these information can help you have a good understanding of our machine.

Any questions can feel free to contact us anytime.


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