11.More details introduction of fiber laser cutting machine-Ella

More details introduction of fiber laser cutting machine

1.Z-axis device

(1)Firstly,Z-axis device is to achieve the lifting movement of the cutting head.

Down movement of the cutting head is controlled by the NC system servo motor,
motor-driven ball screw drive Z-axis slide up and down.

reciprocating movement to complete, Z axis travel is 100mm;
(2)Secondly,upper and lower ends proximity switches are used to control the stroke,

while both ends of the ball screw resilient cushion to ensure the safety of movement.
(3)Thirdly,ball screws and linear guides consist of high-quality products to ensure the accuracy of the drive.

Z-axis can use as an NC axis interpolation motion alone,

at the meanwhile which can work with X, Y-axis,
and also can be switched by electronic part
of the cutting head of a servo control to meet the needs of different situations.

(4)Since the Z-axis servo 
controlled by numerical control system,

therefore the relatively has high servo accuracy and keep better stability 
to ensure the quality of the cut.

Sealing and cutting head with an elastic buffer to ensure that the life of the cutting head.

(5)Z-axis device capacitive sensor (installed in the cutting head)

detects the distance between the nozzle plate surface after the signal back to the control system,
then controlled by the control system Z axis motor drives the cutting head up and down motion,
thereby control the nozzle unchanged from the sheet, effectively ensure the cutting quality.
The cutting head has a focal length adjustment nut, according to the material and thickness of
the cut material to adjust the position of the focus, thereby obtaining good cutting section.

(6)Note: Nozzle is one of consumables, users can backup some of different nozzle aperture to replace.

2.Electrical control

XTC-F1530 laser cutting machine electrical control system consists of numerical control system,
then servo systems and low-voltage electrical system. The laser cutting machine use CYPCUT CNC system,

which is a PC CNC system WINDOWS XP, with interpolation operation fast, easy to operate features;
servo system Yaskawa AC servo motor and drive, reliable, good dynamic performance, with a loading capacity.

The machine panel has two function buttons, two soft keys, and two front USB ports.
(shown from left to right are emergency stop switch, power switch, cutting the Start button, cutting stop button)
Besides,soft keys have different functions in different mode of operation,
thereby reducing the operating button simplifies the operation panel.
Under a variety of ways by operating function menu display make operation intuitive.

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