Some details of fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

Some details of fiber laser cutting machine

Some details of fiber laser cutting machine

1.The fiber laser cutting machine can cut it,also can mark it?

For fiber laser cutting machine,its special for cutting,but also can have a simple marking,just some lines and letters numbers.
Show videos as below: Some details of fiber laser cutting machine Some details of fiber laser cutting machine

2.How can the data come from the PC to the machine? Connection Ethernet?

Actually,the cutting software is on the laptop,the control board control the software.And every servo motor has one driver to control the motor moving,the drivers and the control board with the wires connect with the industrial computer,then the computer can control the machine moving and cutting.

There is no Connection Ethernet.

3.How is the gas and air control? Does the gas only start when it comes to the cutting process? Does it turn off right after that? Can the amount regulate?

Our machine has one Proportional valve,this one is control the different kinds of the gas,you can change the gas from the computer software,but just air and Oxygen.
And the pressure of Oxygen can adjust in the software,and after the cutting finish,the software will stop the gas automatically.

4.Can the parts be cut burr and oxide-free?

When cut stainless steel, since it has a higher melting point, if use oxygen, an exothermic reaction will occur, and black edges and burrs will appear. Nitrogen is an inert gas, which absorbs heat when cutting, which can prevent metal from being produced at high temperatures oxidation,then there is no black edges and burrs.

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