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Fiber laser tube cutting machine

Fiber laser tube cutting machine, Tube fiber laser cutting machine is designed for square, round or elliptical metal tube cutting.

Factory can cut the pipe or cut pattern on it.

XTC-T60016 laser tube cutting is specifically design for manufacturers

and who care about high-quality products and tube cutting.

But Fully protective cover is able to keep the operators out of the damage of laser beam. Easy usage,

So the maintenance and service have been achieved by the high-tech of fiber lasers.

Rack & Pinion, Guide Linear and Auto motor have assured our high acceleration.

All components, from globally recognized brands,So are able to add more value to your company.

Then We have been always striving to serve quality and performance and efficiency to our clients.

fiber laser cutting machine

Main structure:

The structure is similar with sheet metal fiber laser cutting machine

So it’s different apprerance Because of its usage

Main structure includes laser cutting head, laser generator, water cooling system,

control system, transmission system, driving system, reducer, collect system, Oil Injection system,

Solenoid Valve & Proportional Valve, Bed structure, etc.


The pipe fiber laser cutting system can cut pipe length from 20mm to 200mm diameter.

So the Fiber laser tube cutting machine Metal types can be stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Then the power will be chosen according to metal thickness.


Wearing parts

There are some wearing pats for this tube fiber laser cutting machine, So below table show the what the wearing parts are the details about them.

The principal characteristics of the XTC-T60016  Fiber laser cutting equipment are:

  • Compact design facilitating a wide variety of applications.
  • CNC with laser control function.
  • Resonator with reflective sensors.
  • Simple program for pieces and cutting plans with automatically adapted feed speed  and power output for each piece, using CNC.
  • Highly dynamic equipment.
  • Rigidity: high strength transfer and  then to stability of construction.
  • Durability: enclosed drivers.
  • Accessibility: spare parts service