Any Details You Need to Notice of Machine Processing-Tulsa

Any Details You Need to Notice of Machine Processing-Tulsa

According to the experience of we talked with clients, we have any details need to share with you about machine processing.

As you know, the deamanfd of agent and normal client is not the same, so they need different file.

Then, let us share any details with you, hope it will help you.

No.1 NDA

Actually, we won’t share clients information to other clients if they not allow.

Even if they are just buy a cheap machine, we won’t share too.

But many agent have a big company, so they have rule , too, so that need wo offer NDA.

So that they can make sure we won’t share their information to other clients.

No.2 Voltage of machine processing

As we all known, different area voltage is not the same.

For example, US voltage is devide 220v and 480v.

Most of area voltage is 220V or 240V, so our machine can meet their demand.

But if your area voltage is 480v, we need to offer transfer for you also.

So that we can sure that our machine can work well in your area.


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