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What is Water Jet Cutting Machine?

Different from laser cutting machine, water jet cutters cut materials with pressurized water. Abrasives will be important part for increasing cutting ability. The working process of water jet cutting will be just like erosion. A high-pressure pump drives the water through rigid hoses. And then a forceful water jet comes out—a typical water jet can output between 4 to 7 kilowatts. For water jet cutting machine, the work area and pump are often separate, which is totally different from laser cutting.

  • Material and Applications

Water jet cutting machines are able to cut nearly all materials, which we do believe the only better point than Co2/Fiber laser cutting machine. However water jet cutting machines will pose the threat of deformation. Some condition water jet cutting machines are able to deal with 3D cutting, and exhibit limited ability with sandwich structures and cavities.

Water jet cutting machines usually perform cutting, ablation, and structuring, specifically with materials like stone, ceramics, and thick metals. Materials that range in thickness between 10mm and 50mm benefit from water jet cutting.

  • Precision and Safety

Waterjet cutting machine is not quite as precise as laser cutting, with a minimum 0.5mm cut thickness. In case of the high level force, thin and small parts will do not good at results. So you need to handle them carefully. What’s more, the surface of the material will appear sand-blasted as a result of the added abrasive. And goggles should be worn to protect the eyes and face. The process of water jet cutting is quite noisy, which requires a significant amount of clean up—large amounts of waste occur as a result of the mixed water and abrasive.

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