Excellence Of XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Systerm-Part 2-Tulsa

Excellence Of XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Systerms-Part 2

Even I am a new comer in this area, I still feel that the developement of fiber laser cutting systerms.

The speed of laser area development is too fast, so every company need to improve.

Otherwise we must face to out of the industry. Here’s our change part-2, follow me.

No.1 Water-cooled machine of XT Laser fiber laser cutting systerms

Water-cooled machine without filter, it means that reduce a consumable.

Besides that changed can reduce a description so that it is more easy to work.

As we know, many customer have not used laser cutting machine before, so it is good for them.

No2. Different color light

Perhaps every one knows that safe is first in the machinery production.

Especialy in the fiber laser cutting area, high power fiber laser cutting systerms will hurt you if you not careful.

And many people have not worked by laser cutting machine, you know.

The light is green when it works goood, red when it have problems and yellow when it stop.

It means that it can reduce hurt to a certain degree.

No.3 Straight line precision cutting

Except for stainless steel and carbon steel cutting, gold and silver need to cut too.

Because of gold and silver is not hard than ss and cs, it will change shape if cutting by normal laser cutting machine.

JiNan XinTian Laser Technology Co. Ltd is OEM of laser cutting machine from 2004.

And we will always be better and better in the future.



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