Excellence Of XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Systerm-Part 1-Tulsa

Excellence Of XT Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Systerm-Part 1

According to the laser area developement speed and trend , fiber laser cutting systerm is becoming more and more competitive.

In order to increase ability to do better than other same area company, we always need to change our machine better and better.

Besides we know this is the best way to improve our competition.

No.1 Manganese steel beams of XT Laser fiber laser cutting systerm

As we all known, beams have many type, for example aluminum and iron.

And Aluminum steam is easy to be changed by environment, Screw sliding wire can not be homing.

Even if iron steam is strong but it is too heavy so that speed is slow.

So manganese is the best choice to keep  arrancy.

No.2 The hole of steam will reduce the weight

As the picture shows, there are many holes on the steam.

Manganese is strong enough to promise do not change it shape.

So open holes is a good way to loose weight and keep arrancy. Besides it will not bother machine work.

No.3 Guide rail detail changed to keep machine bad clean

For XT fiber laser cutting systerm, there is one guide rail on each of top and front side,

It is not same with only the top guide rail, iron filings is easy to fall to keep bed machine.

When the machine working, this type is more stronger and stable than the normal type, see pics as below

No.4 Knife of machine bed is changed to circle type

According to customer feedback, the knife of machine bed will damage metal.

So our engineer text and changed it, circle type will protect production.

As you see, this is the part 1 of XT Laser, I will write another one to introduce the other advantage.

XT Laser will always be your best partner!



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