Fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe: Charry

Fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe

Fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe,keep on talking of this topic in this poster.

Fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe







For the last post,we have talked about the servo motor,machine body,water chiller.

So what should we focus on now?

Fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe:

The clamping chunk:

So before the decision,remember to see the rotating chunk.Some suppliers use the open type chunk to clamp the pipe.

But you need to know that the open type ,just can clamp the round pipe.How about the square tube,the rectangular tube?

When cutting,it will be sliding,the cutting precision will be bad.

Its better to choose the sealed clamping chunk,which can clamp different kinds of pipes,and with a better precision.

pipe laser cutter

The motor reducer:

When cutting, especially for heavy tube cutting,the higher speed of the servo motor will bring shaking to influence the cutting precision.So the reducer is the first deceleration,the power of the motor reducer need to match with the servo motor.

The timing belt:

When cutting,the timing belt is the second deceleration.

The two part will make sure the cutting precision and effect,Without the stronger shaking.

transmission system:

We use one set of rack and pinion,two sets of guide rail to make sure the cutting precision and stability.

Except the machine configurations,what others you still to know?

The most important is the cutting experience and cutting technology.

Before the purchasing,you can recommend them to have a direct testing for your samples.

Then according to the cutting videos or live cutting in factory,you will see the real machine cutting process.

And after your decision,before the machine delivery,also important.

For the fiber laser cutter for plate and pipe,what installation and operation they can provide you?

We do not need one machine,can not work,we need one cutting machine to meet our work needs.

So also focus on the machine using.

Following with one of machine training in customers factory:

More details ,lets talk more.



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