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Jewelry laser welder as one of the most common laser welding machine. it have very wide application in jewelry processing fields, such as key chains repair, rings manufacturing etc.


Jewelry Laser welder

Compared with fiber laser marking machine and fiber laser cutting machine, special machine type for special application is the biggest character. Now the common machine type include jewelry laser welding machine, mould laser welding machine, AD word laser welding machine, handheld laser welding machine and automatic laser welding machine.

In all laser welding machine machine, jewelry laser welder is one of the most mature machine type. Also its price is lowest and operation is easiest.

With the development, jewelry laser welder become smaller and smaller. now it total have three machine type.

  • Outside water chillier laser welding machine

This is the oldest jewelry laser welding machine type. Although this machine type is large and heavy, its stability and welding effect is very good. So it is still the most common type.

laser welding machine -1
laser welding machine 1
  • Inside water chillier laser welding machine

Recently years with the development of laser welding machine technology, we design this new machine type with inner water chillier. Compared with older one, its welding effect is similar and floor space is much more smaller.

All in one type laser welder
laser welding machine 2
  • Desk laser welding machine

We also call it mini laser welding machine. This is the newest machine type. its all parts and circuit is integrated. so it is small size and light weight. We can take it to any other place easily.

Desktop laser welding machine
laser welding machine 3

Laser welding machine region

According to jewelry laser welding machine’s special application, it is wide used in India and Middle East, such as KSA, Iran, Jordan, UAE etc. These country have large demand on jewelry so their jewelry industry is very developed.

Most people produce jewelry by hand before, it is very slow. Now more and more jewelry manufacturer begin to use laser machine, include laser marking machine.

If also you are one jewelry manufacturer and want to use this jewelry laser welder and fiber laser marking machine, feel free to contact me.

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