Why After Service is so important for Fiber Laser Cutters – Alex

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Fiber laser marker and fiber laser cutters have very fast development these years. Also more and more manufacturers and trading company rise in this market. Usually different company have different setting on some main parts, such as laser source, laser cutting head, water chillier and so on. So they have different price on these different setting.

At the same time, many supplier have big different price even they use same laser source, laser cutting head and other main parts. For some trading company or small factory, usually they have much more cheap price then some big company. It make many buyer confused how it is possible. Follows let us discuss what factors lead to this situation.

Fiber laser cutters machine bed

Except laser source, laser cutting head, motor and transmission system, machine bed is much more important. We have talked this problems many time in previous blog. One quality machine bed will keep stability and precision more than 10 years. Machine’s lifetime and cutting precision have so big relation with machine bed.

Now many small factory use very very light bed on fiber laser cutters. Its price is very cheap but no any warranty on stability and precision. When machine running, so bad cutting effect and many problem happen on guide, rack and pinion. May be not more than 5 years, machine not work.

Fiber laser cutters after service

Another reason why similar machine have so big different price is the service, including fiber laser cutters and fiber laser markers.

Nearly every week we will receive some email or message ask for service. They buy machine from other company with very low price. When they receive machine and have doubt on operation, no people can help him. In this case they have to lean the machine operation through Youtube or ask for others’ help. How is possible to get free service from us if they buy machine from others. They have to pay extra money to us and ask for our service. In the end, the total cost is higher than buy machine from us directly.

We can see many people ask for cutting parameter or marking parameter for their fiber laser cutters and fiber laser markers on Facebook group or Youtube. But nobody offer them details.

For fiber laser cutters and fiber laser markers, XT LASER offer whole life after-service and we have professional service staff and team. Not only we sell fiber laser machine to customers, but also we offer service and solution to them. and all these are free if they buy machine from us.

So after-service is so important for fiber laser cutters.


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