Smoke purify for laser marking machine-Wendy

1. Briefly introduction

Smoke purify is very necessary for laser marking working. Then especially for the jewelry industry. The engraving or cutting work will have lots of dusts. A smoke can help the work clean and easier. Also we have cooperate with Conyson company for many years. Not only because of the high quality. But also the good service.

2. Smoke purify overview

Laser smoke purify filtration system uses a variable single. Then dual position design and multi-layer filter. Also including the early effect filter. PP effect. Activated carbon high efficiency filter. The main effect filter. Then large-scale pad-type early effect filter can effectively filter particles larger dust. Such as extending the main effect of the filter life. The control system uses adjustable speed. According to the amount of exhaust gas on the air volume. Of the continuous and precise adjustment.

3. Smoke purify features

Appearance rigid type. Then all-metal frame structure. It can resist strong collision and vibration.

Easy to install without further access to the pipeline. It’s conducive to the clean and beautiful work place.

Multi-filter design to ensure that. Then smoke in the removal of harmful substances. To protect the human body. The primary and secondary effects. And then main filter elements can be individually replaced to extend the life of the main filter.

4. Packaging list

Open the box after removing the machine. Please carefully check whether the following accessories. Then if you find any missing or damaged. Please contact with us.


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