How To Use And Maintenance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -Anne

     How To Use And Maintenance Fiber Laser Cutting Machine -Anne

As we know fiber laser cutting machine is popular in the market ,and many customer want to know how to use and maintenance fiber laser cutting machine ,

So now we ,XT LASER,will share with you some skills about it -Fiber laser cutting machine

1) Always check strip, must ensure taut. Otherwise, the running of the problem, there might hurt people,

serious but also result in death.Strip seemingly small things, a problem or a little serious.

2) every six months to check the verticality of the track and the straightness of the machine and found that abnormal timely maintenance of debugging.

Do not do this, it is possible to cut out the effect is not how good, the error will increase, affecting the cutting quality. This is the most important.

3) weekly siphoning off the dust and dirt with a vacuum cleaner inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be tightly closed and dust.

4) guide rails should always clean up and remove dust and other debris, to ensure the normal rack regular cleaning, add oil to ensure lubrication without debris.

Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, there is also the motor on regular cleaning and lubricating the machine on the go will be able to walk better,

more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will improve

Thank you for your reading ,hope these skills can help you.

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