How to maintain the optical lens of laser cutting head?-Angelina

How to maintain the optical lens of laser cutting head?

As we all know, one of the most important components of the fiber laser cutting machine is the laser cutting head with the characteristics of high precision and high price.

The life of the laser cutting head does not affect the operating efficiency of the cutting machine, but also the production cost and benefits of the factory.

What’s more, the most common problem affecting the life of the cutting head is the pollution damage of the optical lens inside the structure.

Today, we will teach how to maintain the optical lens of the laser cutting head.

The possible reasons of lens contamination of laser cutting head

1.The fiber head installation method is incorrect in the cutting head.

For this reason, the main solution is to choose the correct fiber laser head installation method.

Most installers tend to assemble freely the cutting heads, tilting the fiber-optic head installation direction, resulting in inadvertent installation.

We should try to keep the fiber head horizontally installed inside the cutting head and lock it during the installation process.

Besides that we can try to operate in a clean environment avoid dust from rising during the installation process.

Or we can choose to operate in the morning to prevent dust from entering the cutting head.

2.The cutting head itself has a poor sealing effect

For the sealing of the cutting head, it is not always possible to guarantee complete sealing.

Then, a feasible method is to install a breathing system to maintain the internal pressure of the cutting head.

3.Incorrect replacement of the protective window case

Due to the relatively large volume of the protective mirror box, particles are inevitably mixed during the replacement process.

Therefore, we must change the speed  when replacing the protective mirror box.

And we should seal the window with tape or other film.

4.Unreasonable cutting head consumables used

The selection of qualified protective mirrors and “O” type sealing rubber ring can ensure the sealing of the cutting head and prevent the entry of dust particles.

5.Improper laser cutting machine operation

When operating the laser cutting machine, we must strictly follow the equipment instructions and requirements and operate correctly.

Reduce the impact of improper handling on the cutting head.

6.Poor maintenance of the cutting head

The cutting head should be as clean and dry as possible and cleaned regularly.

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How Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Works?-Teresa

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


How Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Works?

Fiber laser cutting machine is a currently popular laser cutting type which adopts fiber laser source to fulfill perfect cutting effect. Fiber lasers are a type of solid state laser that is rapidly growing within the metal cutting industry.

A brief comparison between fiber laser vs CO2 laser

Fiber technology utilizes a solid gain medium, as opposed to a gas or liquid. The “seed laser” produces the laser beam and is then amplified within a glass fiber. With a wavelength of only 1.064 micrometers, fiber lasers produce an extremely small spot size. The size is up to 100 times smaller compared to the CO2, which makes it ideal for cutting reflective metal material.

Fiber laser source can output high-powered laser beam that focuses on the surface of materials, vaporizing or melting the focused area instantaneously. With numerical and mechanical system’s control, the laser head is moved and laser spot is also changed accordingly to achieve automatic cutting with fast speed and high accuracy. Fiber laser cutter has been developed into a highly precise laser cutting type. It is very popular in metal parts processing industries.

Work Versatility of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for Metals

fiber laser cutting machinemetal laser cutting

Fiber laser cutting machine is able to process a wide range metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, galvanized sheet, copper, silver, gold and so on. Therefore, we should choose different laser sources according to metal features.

In addition to sheet metals cutting, fiber laser cutting machine also could process profiled metals and steel pipes. A set of steel pipe cutting system can be configured to the machine to broaden its cutting capacity. The cutting edge is neat and smooth to meet high industrial requirement.

Main Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting

laser cutting machine

The component of fiber laser cutting machine laser source













  • Fiber laser has higher energy conversion rate that can reach up to 30%, saving operation and maintenance cost.
  • Fiber lasers are designed with semiconductor modular and redundancy, and there is no optical lens in resonant cavity. So no need to spend much time starting and adjusting the machine before cutting work. This is incomparable among traditional laser machines.
  • Protective lens is configured in fiber laser head to protect focus lens and reduce parts consumption.
  • Laser head won’t touch the materials directly so as not to scratch the materials and ensure quality cutting effect.
  • Fiber laser produces the smallest kerf and thermal area, which keeps the cutting stability and avoid deformation of the material.
  • 02mm/min cutting accuracy and fast cutting speed markedly increases the work efficiency of metal parts manufacturing.
  • Fiber laser cutting machine works in a safe and environmentally friendly way. There is little pollution and noise producing and workshop environment will be safe.

As a professional fiber laser equipment manufacturer, we are professional in fiber laser cutting machine and fiber laser marking/engraving machine manufacturing and technical service. For more details about fiber laser cutting machine selection and operation, please contact us for customized laser solution to upgrade your business.

Agent’s question about fiber laser machine-Wendy

Before buying a set of fiber laser machine for their customer,distributors will consider and have many questions.
It is very normal for every distributor to compare the price quality and service of  different suppliers.
So now we made a summary of distributors’ questions of laser cutting machine for reference.

1.What is most important parts/consumables of fiber laser machines that needs to be taken cared of?

Laser source-Do not bend the yellow cable, it is fragile.

Laser head-Do not smash it.

2.About the Technical Support.Do you provide training? How many days?

Yes, we can provide training, if you can come to our factory, we offer training free of charge.

But board and lodging are paid by yourself.

Our engineers can go to your company to train staff, but board and lodging should be offered by your company.

So considering to save your cost, you had better send your engineers to our factory.

3.What are the coverage of training?

Training include: general knowledge of fiber laser machine,

then specific details of how to operate machines,

how to maintain after sales, how to solve some common problems.

XTLASER engineers will teach you whatever you need to learn.

4.How do we go about basic troubleshooting?

If some small trouble, we can send u solution via email.

If needed, our aftersales service team will use video chatting ,

remote control and phone calling to solve some urgent troubles.

5.Are there any module or presentation for machine training to customers,

Should we require technical support, what are the processes,and how much will be the cost?

In fact, every of our overseas agents will buy one demo machine first,

so they learn how to use it by themselves,after that, they will use the demo machine for presentation.

During presentation, they will have many technical problems.

So we will offer many ways to solve their troubles.

As a result, step by step, they are skilled in fiber laser machines finally.

I think this way is also better for you.About technical support cost, it is free of charge to offer you help.

XTLASER always protect agents interest, help you develop stronger and stronger.

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Tips for Using Fiber Laser Cutting—Tony

Tips for Using Fiber Laser Cutting

Nowadays, fiber laser cutting became a popular trend for various industries need metal cutting. More and more factories have their own machines for metal cutting. But since the laser cutting working process is a new craft, some customers still can not operate the machine very well. Actually, if you do know the principle of laser and machine. Then there is not a problem. So today, I will give you some useful tips. It might help you to better understanding how to use that.


Carbon Steel.

Carbon Steel is not a high-reflection material. It is not like aluminum or brass. This material is the most suitable material for fiber laser cutting. For the cutting effect, any machines you can find in the market are able to cut carbon steel with a perfect effect.  The application of carbon steel is more and more extensive. The maximum thickness of carbon steel plate can be cut by modern laser cutting machine up to 20MM. the cutting seam of carbon steel can be controlled in the range of satisfactory width by using oxidation melting cutting mechanism, and the cutting seam of thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1mm.

Stainless Steel.

Laser cutting of stainless steel, using the energy released by a laser beam to the surface of a steel plate to melt and vaporize the stainless steel. Laser cutting of stainless steel is a fast and effective method for manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as main component. Cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on are the most important technological parameters affecting the cutting quality of stainless steel. Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel cutting requires higher laser power and higher oxygen pressure.

But the stainless steel cutting achieves satisfactory cutting effect, it is difficult to obtain the completely non-stick slag cutting seam. In general, high pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection are used to blow away molten metal so that no oxide is formed on the cutting surface. This is a good method, but more expensive than conventional oxygen cutting. One alternative to pure nitrogen is to use filtered compressed air in the workshop, which consists of 78% nitrogen.

The influence of the nozzle on the laser cutting quality-Angelina

The influence of the nozzle on the laser cutting quality

In the laser cutting process, the main factors affecting the cutting quality performance include laser beam quality, laser power, cutting speed, work piece thickness, material type and so on.

Besides that, the cutting head nozzle design is also an important factor.

Today we will learn more about the relationship between nozzles and cutting quality.

The nozzle is typically on the front end of the laser cutting head, which firstly helps to control the auxiliary gas and protects the focusing lens too.

The following is the specific relationship between the nozzle and the cutting quality.

1. The effect on the laser cutting quality when the center of the nozzle is different from the center of the laser:

  • Affect the cutting section.

    When the cutting gas is ejected, the gas volume is not uniform, so that the cutting section is more likely to have one side of the melting, and the other side don’t.

    Especially, when cutting the metal sheet thickness over 3 mm, its effect is more serious, and sometimes it is not easy to process.

  • Affect the quality of sharp corners.

    When cutting a work piece with sharp corners or small angles, local over-melting is likely to occur.

    When cutting thick plates, it may not be possible to cut.

  • Affect the perforation.

    Especially for the thick plate, the instability during the perforation, the time is not easy to control, the penetration of the thick plate may cause over-melting.

2. The effect on the laser cutting quality when the diameter of the nozzle is different:

The nozzle has a different diameter like φ1.0 mm, φ1.5 mm, φ2.0 mm, φ2.5 mm, φ3.0 mm.

At present, people often use the nozzle aperture  in two sizes: φ1.5 mm and φ2 mm.

  • φ1.5mm is more suitable for the plate below 3mm,the cutting surface will be thinner; if using φ2mm, the cutting surface will be thicker, and the corners will be easily melted.
  • Thick plates above 3mm: Due to the high cutting power, the heat dissipation time is longer, and the cutting time also increases relatively.

    With φ1.5mm, the gas diffusion area is small, so it is not stable, but it is basically usable.

    With φ2mm, the gas diffusion area is large and the gas flow rate is slow, so it is stable when cutting.

  • The diameter of φ2.5mm is only suitable for thick plate cutting of 10mm or more.

    In summary, the size of the nozzle aperture has a serious impact on the cutting quality and the quality of the perforation.

    At present, laser cutting uses nozzles of φ1.5 mm and φ2 mm aperture.

The work piece is at a stable distance from the nozzle during the laser cutting process to prevent the splash from rebounding during cutting.

The diameter of the nozzle determines the shape of the airflow entering the slit, the gas diffusion area, and the gas flow rate, thereby affecting the removal of the melt and the stability of the cutting.

The gas flow into the slit is large, the speed is fast, the position of the workpiece in the airflow is proper.

And the ability to spray the melt is stronger.


Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Consumption Parts

Fiber laser cutting machine running cost total include 3 parts, electric power, auxiliary gas and quick wear parts.
Compared with other cutting equipment, fiber laser cutter should be the lowest.

1. Electric power

Electric power cost main include laser source, servo motor, water chiller and control system.

Laser source power cost is 4 times of laser power. Servo motor power usually is about 5000w. Water chiller power cost is similar with laser source. Other parts electric power cost just about 1kw.
Additional, real machine running cost occupy 60%~70% of whole power. So rated power multiply 0.6 should be the running cost on electric power.

2. Auxiliary gas consumption

One gas tank is 40L in China.
A. N2 gas consumption is same for different thickness SS. Its consumption of continue cutting is about 20~30min/tank.
B. O2 gas consumption is decline when CS thickness increase. The thicker CS, the less gas consumption.
For example,
1mm CS cutting gas consumption is about 50~60min/tank.
10mm CS cutting gas consumption is about several hours/tank.

We recommend you use liquid gas, its cost will be much more lower then small tank. Most of our customer use it.

3. Quick wear parts

Main quick wear parts include nozzle and protective lens.
1st year their consumption is about 20~30 pieces per year, but the cost will be decline later.
As their consumption have big relationship with workers operation.

Nozzle 10usd/piece; Protective lens 15usd/piece.
So nozzle and protective lens cost is about 500usd per year.

4. Other parts.

Focus lens, ceramic rings and collimating mirror cost is not common quick wear part.
You just need arrange 1 set for spare, their total cost is 350usd/set.

fiber laser cutting machine

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How Does the Machine Power Affect Cutting Ability—Tony

How Does the Machine Power Affect Cutting Ability?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

As people know, the laser power related to the machine’s cutting ability. And the fiber laser cutting machine is occupying the metal cutting  market gradually.  By contrast, the fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantage that CNC machines doesn’t have. For example,  the material is not deformed.  high flexibility, small cutting slot, smooth section without burrs, to cut any complex graphics workpiece. But how to select a correct machine for personal use?

The big factor affect the machine is laser power. The photoelectric conversion rate is around 30%. The fiber laser has highest photoelectric conversion rate.

I will give you guys few examples to better understanding it.

Cutting Ability

For 500W laser cutting machine and 1000W laser cutting machine.  Both of them could cut 6mm carbon steel. But the ultimate thickness for carbon steel is 6mm. For 1000W, the cutting ability could reach to 12mm. And 500W cutting machine, its speed is slower than 1000W machine.When they cut 6 mm carbon steel, Its speed can only reach to a half of the speed of 1000W. We keep use 6mm carbon steel sheet as an example. The speed of 500W is reach to average 0.75m/min. But the speed of 1000W works on 6mm carbon steel. The average speed reach to 1.5 m/min. If you think the speed gap is not a big deal on carbon steel.  But for the stainless steel, brass or aluminum. The gap is very clear to see.

So to choose a power of machine, customers need to consider these following factors: ultimate thickness, cutting speed, and budget. Because if you upgrade a level of laser power, cost to buy a machine will follow the growth.

As a wise customer, what is your budget? how is the thickness you most to cut? When is the due day for your project? How fast you want the machine is? Only the customer weigh all of factors. Then you will get your own answer in your mind.

Attention of Laser Generator in Winter – Alex

Laser Generator is the most important part for fiber laser cutting machine. Such as the heart for people. Due to its special inner structure, unfit operation may make some core parts broken in low temperature. So also we need take care on the maintenance of laser source in winter.

Matters need attention of laser generator

  • Usually laser source’s working temperature is 10~40℃. Before operate fiber laser cutting, all worker should check the user manual carefully and operate machine according to the user manual.

  • Low temperature will cause freeze inside of laser source.

We need add glycol antifreeze in the water chillier and recommend AntifrogenN brand. The volume should be about 10~20% of total. For example, if the volume of water chillier is 100L, the antifreeze can’t more than 20L. But pls remember propylene glycol is forbidden.

The temperature will be more lower at night. If the water pipe part is outside of room. we recommend keep water chillier running. At the same time, if your laser source is more than 2kw, laser source’s 24V power supply must keep open when water chillier running.

  • If outside temperature of laser source between 10~40℃, no need add any antifreeze. Additional, when summer coming, remember clean the antifreeze first then add water again.
  • If laser generator can’t working for long time in winter, be sure to discharge all water in laser source’s inside water pipe.
  • When laser source have issues and need repair in winter, be sure to discharge inside water before package and shipment.
  • If laser power is more than 2kw, laser source must keep connecting with 24v electric when water draining. Otherwise inside water pope can’t discharge water as the value can’t be open.

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Difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine—Tony

Difference between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine

The difference between fiber laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine–At present, in the market,  the laser or plasma cutting machines are the most popular. They have a widely using field in industrial filed.Such as kitchen, lamps, automobiles, machinery, advertising.customers who use Plasma-cutting machine don’t know much about laser cutting.And they do not know how to  choose. So what is the different between two of them.

 Laser cutting machine:

Laser cutting machine.the laser beam releases energy when it irradiates to the metal sheet surface. And energy melts the  surface of metal and metal evaporates.Thereby it achieves the purpose of cutting. The laser has the direction.The luminous intensity is intense. So that the cutting speed is fast,and  the precision is high.The cutting quality is good, and the cutting gap is narrow.The laser cutting heat affected zone is small .The deformation is extremely small.And the cutting is safe, clean and pollution-free.Thus greatly improves the working environment of the operator.

 Plasma cutting:

The heat of the high temperature plasma arc is very much.We use it to melt and evaporate the metal surface. And we use the momentum of the high speed plasma to  remove the molten metal .Thus can form a slit.


The first is the degree of damage.High quality laser cutting does not hurt the workpiece. Plasma cutting will have large or small damage. If there is a problem with the plasma cutting machine, it will cause obvious defects on the sheet.

The second is cutting slit: The laser beam  focuse into a small spot, the workpiece cutting seam is narrow.And the plasma cutting slit is larger than the laser cutting machine slit.

Third,it is the cutting speed: High quality laser cutting machine is much faster than  plasma.
 Finally, the cutting accuracy:  for laser cutting machine , it is  0.05mm, repeat positioning accuracy of 0.02mm. And plasma cutting is lower than laser cutting machine cutting accuracy.

The fiber laser cutting 4.5 SS video is below:

In addition, we should  note. After high quality laser cutting machine finish working, do not rush to touch as not to burn yourself.

Those are the  difference betwen high quality laser cutting machine  and Plasma.

Hope this can be helpful for u.

The Primary Products of XT (V Laser Cutting Machine)—Tony

The Primary Products of XT (V Laser Cutting)

Laser Cutting Machine

Following by last chapter, we talked about Laser Cutting Machine. For this chapter, we will keep going.

Laser Cutting Machines Principle

The principle of fiber laser cutting machine is similar with other stuff. The laser will focus on the materials surface. The beam will release the energy. Achieve cutting purpose by evaporation. The movement of laser cutting machine head is by motor drive to cutting. It doesn’t seem like laser marking machine. The movement of laser is a kind of mechanical motion, instead of reflection by lens. The movement of X axis,Y axis and Z axis drive by servo motor. More important is the guide rail and gear rack have to select very accurate products. Only in this way, the machine could minimize the error.

Laser Cutting Machine Model Selection

For model selection, There are three types based model from XT Laser. They are Model S, Model H, and Model W. Those are open type. We use the most economical components. This model was designed for ADs industry. In general, the companies from ADs industry are also looking for laser marking machine or laser engraving machine. Model H and Model W will provide to metal sheet industry. Model W ‘s configuration will better than Model H, this the reason cause Model W’s price higher than Model H.

And for Model H and Model W, both of them could add exchange table and enclosed cover on them. It will reach to the some place’s efficiency requirement and safety standard. Also both of them could add tube cutter on it. Then it will realize one cutting head could work on sheet and tube. Of course, we have the laser cutting machine for tube only. It has ability to cut rectangle and circle tube.


In the end, there are lots of factor could influence the machine’s performance. The parts are also important. We will talk the parts detail next chapter.