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How To Choose A Suitable Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

For most customers,fiber laser cutting machine is first time to to choose a good machine to work it is important for customers.

So today,XT Laser share 6 tips to help you to choose a best machine.

1. Material First of all, we should consider the thickness of materials, which material we need to cut, and then determine the power of the equipment and the size of the workbench.

The power of laser cutting machine on the market at present ranges from 500W-8000W to 500W-8000W.

2. Initial choice of the manufacturer After determining the demand, we can go to find out about the high performance-price ratio optical fiber laser cutting machines.Later, we can come to the factory to check the machines, the price of the machines, the training of the machines, and the payment methods, after-sale service and so on carries on the more detailed discussion.

3. Power of laser source The power is very critical, it depends on materials and the thickness will work with, to know which power we need, it’s better to talk with professional sales and engineers, let them give a good advise. It has great help to the cost control of the enterprise .

4. Main part of laser cutter Fiber laser cutting machine has some main parts like laser source, laser head, gantry, rail guide, reducer, gear rack, motor and so on.We also need to pay attention to when we choose to buy.

These components have a direct impact on the cutting speed and accuracy of laser cutting machines, many manufacturers will use fake import accessories to deceive customers.

5. Equipment quality and stability The purchase processing equipment with stable performance is the premise and foundation try to choose the brand with high market share, good customer service.Not just for the sake of low price and no after-service products, this will give enterprises into production have a huge impact.

6. After-sales service Different manufacturer’s after-sales service is different. The warranty duration is also uneven.

In the after-sales service, not only does the customer provide an effective routine maintenance program, but also a professional training system for the machine and laser software to help the customer get up as soon as possible.In addition, it is important that the manufacturer can provide timely solutions in the process of using the machine and laser software.

It is also an important factor that our shopping laser cutting machine needs to consider.

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