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How To Start Up Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

When we use fiber laser cutting machine to cut metal, start up machine properly can not only prolong machine life but also help us to reduce many unnecessary troubles such as short circuit, machine parts burn, etc.Today XT LASER will introduce you the correct start sequence of fiber laser cutting machine.

laser cutting machine

so 1.Turn on main mechanical switch 

if 2.Turn on water chiller, air compressor and dryer power switch.

so 3.Turn on the machine power supply.

so 4.Open fiber laser generator power supply.

if  5.Turn on high pressure start switch.

if 6.Turn the fiber laser generator start switch to on.

so7.Turn on 24 volt control power switch.

if 8.Turn on the electronic shutter switch.

so9.Rotate the «Power adjustment» knob clockwise to a suitable value.

if 10.Turn on the laser working gas such as CO2, N2, auxiliary gas O2, etc.


Besides this terms,our engineer will go to customers factory installation and train machine.our engineer will teach you how to operation machine at site.

Here is the training process:

  1. Machinery and circuit check

Explain the functions of machine parts and ensure machine’s long-term operation

  1. Operating guide

Explain the use of machines and software. Guide the customer proper use, extend product life and reduce energy consumption


  1. Machine maintenance

Explain the maintenance of machine parts to extend product life and save the energy consumption


  1. Product Process guide

Depending on different materials, do testing to get optimal processing parameters to ensure the best quality of products

  1. Site clean-up services

Clean the customer site when service is completed


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