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Fiber laser cutting machine application in modern furniture industry

The application of fiber laser cutting machine is very extensive. In addition has the application in sheet metal processing. Kitchen bathroom cabinets, hardware, mechanical equipment, elevator processing and other industries. And they now apply to the furniture industry. So this article is show fiber laser cutting machine application in modern furniture industry.

Its exquisite cutting and hollow technology into the metal materials of the original dull cold, lit up the starting point of modern metal furniture design!

Laser cutting technology has fully penetrated into modern furniture decoration. Then the traditional metal processing technology needs cutting, punching, bending, deburring and other complex processes. And it is necessary to spend a lot of time and cost only when making mold. And the production cycle is long. Then the fiber laser cutting machine can directly used for bending and welding after the material is processed. And the deburring process omit. And the field drawing and field cutting realize. And the production cycle is short. More importantly, laser processing has higher precision, better quality, better effect and easier operation.

Compared with the traditional machining methods, laser cutting has the advantages of high precision and fast speed.

The cutting edge is smooth, burr free. Automatic typesetting saves material. And No die consumption. Under the same cost and the same output, the laser cutting machine can complete the processing of more kinds of furniture products. At the same time to ensure the processing accuracy. And furniture products to achieve diversification and versatility. Then you will get better adapt to the diversity of home decoration, personalized needs, to maximize production efficiency, reduce costs.

Modern furniture products are most in need of machining metal pipes and sheets. XT LASER XTC-F1530-30016 tube plate machine. Then it can be realized on the circular pipe, rectangular pipe, square pipe, special-shaped pipe. And all kinds of flat sheet metal with high speed and high quality of laser cutting, cutting burr, smooth.

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