How to maintain the gold and silver cutting and marking machine? -Jennifer

Development of gold and silver cutting and marking machine

How to maintain the gold and silver cutting machine.  Pulsed fiber lasers, with their excellent beam quality, reliability, the longest maintenance-free time, the highest overall electro-optic conversion efficiency, pulse repetition frequency, the smallest volume, no water cooling of the simplest, most flexible use, the lowest operating cost makes it in high-speed, high-precision laser marking the only choice.

In recent years, fiber lasers have become a hot topic in the research of laser physics.  It is the a new generation product which can replace solid laser completely.  Mainly by the laser, vibration lens, marking card three parts, using fiber laser production laser marking machine, good beam quality.  Its output center wavelength of 1064nm.  The whole life in 100,000 hours. Relative to other types of laser marker life longer, electro-optical conversion efficiency of more than 28%.

Compared with other types of laser marking machine 2%-10% conversion efficiency is very strong, in the energy-saving environmental protection and other aspects of outstanding performance. It is the use of laser beams on a variety of different substances on the surface of the permanent marking. The effect of the marking is to reveal deep material through the evaporation of the surface matter, or to «carve» out traces of the chemical and physical changes of the surface matter through the light energy. Or to burn off some of the material by light energy, showing the pattern, text, bar code and other graphics required for etching.

Optical fiber Laser Marking application after years of development, the scope of application is also more and more extensive.  In terms of the concept, useful to the marking to laser marking machine. Such as hardware industry, wrench, measuring, sanitary ware, stainless steel tableware, medical equipment, bags, purses, gifts industry.  It has a large number of, such as metal gifts, wooden boxes, u disk, notebook, Watch equipment Industry metal case, table bottom, spectacle frame, instrumentation and panel. In addition to the packaging industry and electronic communications industry mobile phone shell, electronic components of laser marking

Users in the use of fiber laser marking equipment in the process, more or less will encounter some doubts. Below laser professional engineers will share some equipment maintenance knowledge.

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