Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduce-Tulsa

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Introduce-Tulsa

As we all known, laser cutting is currently one of the most widely use in laser processing technologies.

And its industrial application began in the 1970s besides today almost any material can cut using laser focusing.

Including both metallic and non-metallic materials

Let us share fiber laser cutting machine introduce to you.

No.1 Method of fiber laser cutting

As you know, laser cutting is the use of focused high-power laser beam irradiation of the workpiece.

So the irradiated material is rapidly melted, vaporized, ablated or reached the ignition point.

While with the beam coherent high-speed airflow blowing molten material, in order to achieve the workpiece cutting open.

So laser cutting is one of the hot cutting methods.

No.2 Compared with YAG

It must be talking about YAG if you want to know fiber laser cutting machine introduce more.

And YAG laser cutting machine cutting the main steel plate below 8mm.

Besides the light beam installed on the gantry beam cutting speed is low, the failure rate is high.

In addition, YAG cutting machine photoelectric conversion efficiency of only 2% -3%.

So the power consumption is the largest of the Co2, fiber, YAG cutting machine (at the same power).

And it is gradually being eliminated by the market.

No.3 Use area

Fiber laser cutting machineis suit to cut metal.

According to the different material and thickness you need to cut, we will offer different power.

Its main alternative processes include shearing, stamping, and subsequent machining.

Since the laser cutting machine can cut a smooth cross-section without the need for secondary processing.

It can replace the above three processes in a single pass, resulting in significant savings in processing time.

Hope you will know more about fiber laser cutting machine introduce.


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