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With the development of laser technology, more and more manufacturer start to use fiber laser cutting machine in metal cutting process. Although we said fiber laser cutting machine is free-maintenance machine. But in winter we need some measure to protective machine’s working.

Anti Freezing

The most common problems in winter is freeze. Some region’s temperature will be below 0℃ in winter. The water chillier may be freeze after stop working, so we need do some  procedures to avoid this problem.

Pls tale care about anti-freezing liquid can’t replace water and we can’t use it whole year. After winter, we need clean the chillier and pipe with purified water then only use purified water.

So much anti-freezing liquid will increase the resistance of water cycle, so we need add it according to temperature.

  • Evacuate all water in water chillier and pipe when machine not work.

How to evacuate water

1.Switch off machine power, then open the blow-down valve and evacuate all water in refrigerator.

2.Loose the screw for drainage on water pump and evacuate all water in pump.

3.Take off the water pipe in the back of water tank. Connect 0.2Mpa gas to the water pipe end and evacuate all water in laser generator.

4.Connect 0.2Mpa gas to other water pipe and evacuate all water in fiber laser cutting head.

Take care: High gas pressure for water draining may damage fiber laser generator. so need control the pressure serious.

Change cooling water

We don’t need change cooling water frequently in winter, but also need to change it timely. Cooling water will be full of impurity if use so long time. 

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Except above point, also we need do regular clean for machine bed, laser cutting head and need change protective lens. For one fiber laser cutting machine, if we maintenance it well, it can work  decades of years. But if we can’t do correct maintenance timely, machine may need overhaul within 10 years.

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