32.fiber laser cutting machine-some common problems with laser cutting head-Ella

When use laser cutting machine,customers will face many problems about machine.

So we made a summary of common problems about laser cutting machine for reference.

Question 1:

Is the cutting effect abnormal?cause of issues

1.Whether the cutting parameter is correct.

2.Whether the cutting focus adjustment is correct.

3.Cutting gas source problems.

4.Cutting head lens problems.

Troubleshooting plan

1. Check the cutting parameters and the cutting focus position.

2. Check if the gas is sufficient and the gas purity.

Observe the air pressure gauge on the gas cylinder according to the selected cutting gas (O2, N2).

If the oxygen is about 10 kg, check whether the output gas voltage value of the cutting system

corresponds to the value displayed by the gas proportional valve,

generally 10V corresponds to 10 kg.

Nitrogen should be adjusted according to the thickness of the cut sheet.

Purity can be achieved by looking at the gas cylinder label to meet the purity of 99.9% or more.

If the nitrogen cutting is used, the end face of the stainless steel can be cut,

and the yellowness of the end face is low, and the high-purity gas needs to be replaced immediately.

3.Take out the protective lens to check if there is pollution,

if there is pollution, it is necessary to clean the lens.

4. Check whether inner lens and fiber end face of cutting head are normal

according to the method in the third fault handling scheme.

If the position is wrong, adjust to the correct position.

Question 2:

Is it easy to offset during cutting process? cause of issue

1. The fiber is loose.

2. Adjust the module problem.

3. The ceramic body is loose.

4. The nozzle is loose.

Troubleshooting plan

1. Check if the fiber is lock

2. Contact the cutting head manufacturer.

3. Check if the ceramic body and nozzle is locked. If it is loose, we needs to re-reinforce it.

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