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Where is the nLIGHT’S advantage in Brass laser cutting

The followings are the main advantages of nLIGHT laser source

Two major questions during using laser source:

  1. Condensation of moisture
  2. Two ways to avoid the condensation of moisture for the country with humid climate, Pakistan included:

Traditional way: offering the air-condition in a special room;

 Disadvantage: A. Room space needed;

  1. Cost of establishing the air-condition room:
  2. nLIGHT’s creative way: CDA (clean & dry & air):

nLIGHT : By providing the arid and condensed air (Getting rid of dew);

nLIGHT :Humidity sensor will be installed in the laser source. If it attained to the dew condition, the alarm will be started and only when the the condensed air is pumped, the alarm can be cleared.

2. Metal dust caused by cutting process:

1.Taking advantage of the outside pressure difference, can get rid of dust  inside of laser source:;(Air compressor+Air dryer.)  (Their costs are quite low.)

(Especially for the metal dust, there will be hard to clean in the laser source, and pressure difference can avoid this).

Using this, normal producing can be guaranteed even under the bad working environment. (High reliability ) Thus the condensed air will be better recommended than Germany IPG;

Three advantages of nLIGHT laser source in brass laser cutting:

  1. Professional target at high-reflective materials, such as aluminium, brass, copper, gold and sliver. Because a special protective cover is embed in the the laser source, which can protect the laser source:
  2. Better after-sales service ability in brass laser cutting.

– The big company such as Germany IPG, the supporting and servicing ability for middle-and-low terminal customers is hierarchical and different. IPG can not support live maintenance service with long maintenance service cycle;

– Laser source provider, like nLIGHT will no such a service concept. We will give the best and wholly-minded service to every customer . And it can support live maintenance service(per specific situation).

3. Extended warranty. nLIGHT offer warranty even in brass laser cutting.

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

Above all advantage, so nLIGHT laser source have wide application on high reflective cutting. And the main reflective material main include brass, aluminum, copper etc. Also this is the most common cutting material except steel. Compared with other brand laser source, nLIGHT also offer warranty if laser source rise problem when cut brass and aluminum.

So if you need cut brass and aluminum, nLIGHT laser source will be the best choice

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