Fiber laser cutting works-part1: Charry

Fiber laser cutting works-part1

Fiber laser cutting works-part1

Now, can you further imagine a metal sheet worker pinpointing his welding torch over a steel bar to cut it up into several pieces?

The Laser Principle

This is the same principle that applies in laser cutting: high-intensity light (focused sun’s rays and welding torch flame) melting almost anything on its path. Laser, as we know it, is an acronym for “light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.”  There are the application of the fiber laser cutting machine:

• Laser cutting and welding
• printing
• pointers for trainers and speakers
• Barcode scanning
• Surgery
• Law enforcement
• Engraving
• Measuring
• Entertainment
Laser cutting has many uses, covering both industrial and non-commercial applications. By its particular characteristic, where a high-intensity light beam is consistently.The cutting process not only of hard objects like steel is amazingly with utmost precision. We know that it is laser-cut if it is more than razor-sharp.

Fiber laser cutting works-part1

The machine that for cutting is laser cutter. Using a beam of light coming from a laser resonator, the beam in different directions through mirrors or benders, each time enhancing its intensity before it is trained and focused towards the metal plate to be cut. This beam is actually a column of high-intensity single wavelength light. As it travels through the cutter’s nozzle, the beam is focusing into a fine line using a focusing lens before reaching the end of the nozzle tip where it hits the metal plate.

In this state, the beam hitting the material has such an extreme heat density as to result in rapid heating, melting and vaporising of the material. Due to the fine line of the laser beam and the high intensity of the heat, those actions seem to be happening simultaneously. Any molten material that remains is usually blown away using high-pressure nitrogen.

Just Italy customer had a visiting of our fiber laser cutting machine,sharing the picture with you:

Fiber laser cutting works-part1









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