Fiber laser cutting works-part2:Charry

Fiber laser cutting works-part2

Fiber laser cutting works-part2

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The Laser Cutting Principle

The principle is to focus on light penetration. All power is onto a coherent light ray and focused on a single point, usually less than one-half millimetre in diameter. As soon as the light beam strikes the plate, the surface melts and evaporates due to the focused heat. The beam then begins to pierce into the metal. It penetrates layer by layer or contour by contour until the beam reaches the last layer to complete the cutting.

The Many Uses of Laser Cutting

As simple but extremely amazing as the laser cutting technology looks on the surface, it has actually punctuated the delicate and intricate needs of industries and other areas of living.

Today, laser cutting, together with other useful variations such as engraving, marking, and other applications, is very much popular among small businesses, schools, and hobbyists who see the inherent creative potential of laser cutting technology.

Laser cutting may now be employed for both metal (mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium) and non-metal materials (acrylic, wood, plastics, textiles, glass, leather, ceramics, marbles) and other materials being by consumers regularly.

The cutting application possibilities for laser only by our imagination. Or otherwise by the availability of professional companies with such capability.

When it comes to laser cutting and marking, Lightning Laser Cutting is the leading technology provider.Lightning Laser Cutting utilises the most modern and advanced laser equipment available that is suitable for materials such as:
• Mild steel;
• Tool steel;
• Stainless steel;
• Aluminium;
• Timber;

Fiber laser cutting works-part2




















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