Fiber laser marker’s application in metal industry-Angelina

Fiber laser marker’s application in metal industry

As we know, fiber laser marker has wide application in the metal industry.

Many customers applying into the metal industry ask for the fiber laser marking machine.

For example, they mark on the stainless steel, aluminium, carbon steel,brass etc.

In these days,i met with a customer from South Africa on the exhibition.

He is a producer of stainless steel products.

He sent us a mail  asking for marking on the coated stainless steel.

Actually we have met with many customers asking for marking on the coated stainless steel.

But he didn’t know whether our machine could mark on it or not.

For this coated stainless steel, our machine could mark with no problem.

However, this type material is a little different with the stainless steel.

For the coated stainless steel, the minimum we introduce to the customer is 30w.

This type machine need remove the surfacing Spray paint firstly, and then do marking on the stainless steel.

fiber laser markerFor the 30w fiber laser marker, the power is enough to spray the surface painting.

If the customer choose the 20w machine, the time would be longer.

Besides, long time working may influence the lifetime of the laser source.

fiber laser marker sample


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