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Industries Laser Marking

Laser marking and laser engraving technology are use to great effect by a number of industries:

industries laser marking
industries laser marking

laser marking medical devices

Medical Tools and Equipment: Medical tools and equipment benefit from precise and

durable laser markings. Laser marks are impervious to the constant temperature changes

brought on by sterilization and other tasks that involve sudden applications of heat.

Medical Implants:

Laser marking systems are able to handle laser marking the most complicated shapes and

surfaces of medical implants, allowing data matrix codes, part numbers and other human

readable codes and information to be print on the implant. In most cases, the laser marking

system produces very little heat.

Aerospace Materials:

Laser marking technology can be use on exotic materials that do not take well to

other engraving methods. Laser marking systems can maintain the integrity of the

material being mark producing high-quality text, logos and machine-readable codes.

Automotive Components:

Laser marking is ideal for producing images, text and codes onto automotive

components as they pass through various points of the production and assembly process.


Jewelry laser engraving systems provide a way to engrave a variety of materials without

subjecting them to contact with acid or bit heads.

Laser engraving machines have shrunk in size thanks to continuing improvements.

Laser engraving machines are small enough to fit on a desk and provide a fast method

of producing text and images with the clarity other engraving methods lack.


Laser marking technology is ideal for precise marking tasks on small electronic components,

including circuit boards, microchips and resistors. Adjustable focal lengths allow laser

marking systems to engrave materials that have proven too small for other engraving methods.


Thanks to their quick speed, laser marking systems are ideal for marking a wide variety of materials

on assembly lines. Laser marking systems stationed at any point of the assembly

process can apply expiration codes, lot numbers and other unique identifiers on plastics, glass,

ceramics and other materials.

The advantages of laser marking over other methods of marking and engraving are simply too big to ignore.

Laser marking systems require little maintenance and lack the need for consumables, making them

cost-effective throughout their lifespan. Laser marking systems offer greater flexibility in operation

and design creation,

low operating costs and the ability to produce high-quality results that for long periods.

These are very good reasons for you to include laser marking systems in your arsenal of tools.


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