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10 Common engraving Mistakes-Fiber Laser Marking Machine

In this topic, we continue the common engraving mistakes about fiber laser marking machine.

fiber laser machine
fiber laser machine

Some Materials Cannot be Engraved by fiber laser machine

If you’ve had an engraver tell you that the material you want can’t be engraved with fiber laser machine, they probably implied that nobody could do it. In reality, a great laser engraving machine can work with almost any material. Don’t make assumptions about what will or won’t work – ask an expert with access to the best equipment, or test the material yourself if possible.

Improve Your Technique To Avoid These Common Mistakes.

Smoke Stains on Wood Substrate from Scorching-fiber laser machine

Wood is one of the most common and popular engraving materials, but one of the worst culprits when it comes to scorching stains. Laser engraving produces a lot of heat, and the smoke from the process can potentially yield unwanted stains that darken the surface of your materials. This is common when working with wood, but also a concern with some other materials. To mitigate this effect, place masking tape over the material that you’re looking to engrave. The laser will still cut through it, but other surfaces will be protected from scorching and you’ll get a cleaner end product.

Lines Too Dark/Too Light/Not as Expected-fiber laser machine

Regardless of what material you’re working with, it’s important to fully test the material first to determine what settings produce results that are both desirable and repeatable. Experiment with different speeds, cut depths, line thickness settings, and laser intensity settings to find a combination that consistently produces the results you want. Once you’ve do so, save those settings and clearly label them so you know what project they were use for.

Creating the design you want, only to ruin several sheets of material because you don’t like the laser settings is pointless and frustrating, and there’s nothing more redundant than having to rediscover the exact settings that you like because you forgot to record them the first time. Running sample testing also helps you build an understanding of how the laser engraving machine works, building your expertise and informing future design decisions.

fiber laser marking machine
fiber laser marking machine

Acrylic Does Not Produce “Frosty” Texture-fiber laser machine

Acrylic is a popular and diverse material for use in laser cutting, engraving, and etching.

It’s especially value for the frosty texture you can create with laser engraving,

making it the perfect material for creating images of mountains, snowflakes,

and clouds. If you’re having trouble recreating that frosty texture on your own though,

it could be because you’re using the wrong type of acrylic.

If you’re looking to create a frosty texture with your next acrylic engraving project, make sure you use Cast Acrylic

a special kind that’s make by pouring liquid acrylic into a sheet mold and waiting for it to solidify.

Extruded Acrylic is make by pushing acrylic material through a form,

forcing it into the desired shape without allowing it to set on its own. This type of acrylic won’t frost the way you’d like, so make sure you choose the right one!


Fiber laser engraving machine is as close to plug-and-play as it gets with modern technology,

but it’s important to realize that there is a learning curve.

Be diligent about testing samples and recording your favorites,

learn a few tricks of the trade, and with a little mindfulness and attention to detail,

you’ll be producing incredible results in no time!

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