Fiber laser marking machine for bulbs with working device-ivy

Fiber laser marking machine for bulbs with working device-ivy

This article is about fiber laser marking machine for bulbs with working device.

With the development of the society. and the global lighting industry is also developing rapidly. and Bulb dominates the global lighting market in a lightning fast speed. so laser marking machine is becoming an indispensable tool for manufacturers.

Also in recently years, more and more clients inquiry for fiber laser marking machine to mark on bulbs. In order to more convenient in processing . so our engineer design the working device.Greatly improve the work efficiency.

And then here is the degsin for marking on bulbs.


And also . for the bulbs marking.  the 20w Raycus type fiber laser marking machien is more suitable.

So here is some specifications about this type machine.


Main components  

1.1 The European CE standard production

1.2 Marking area: 110*110mm 200*200mm 300*300mm (Optional)

1.3 Laser type: fiber laser source 50W  Raycus laser source(the best quality laser in China)

1.4 Sino brand galvo head.

1.5 F-theta lens: Wavelength brand from Singapore.

1.6 Control system: Beijing JCZ control system, EZCAD software.

1.7 Supported Photoshop, Coral draw and format AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, DST, DWG, DXP etc.

1.8 Computer: Lenovo laptop

1.9 Working table: 2D (X-Y worktable).

1.10 Protective glasses



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