How to choose mrking machine?Fiber laser marking machine details-Jill

How to choose mrking machine?

How to choose marking machine?When we buy fiber laser marking machine,we can not focus on price.Which part determine the final price?Which parts should we foucs on?Here we let customers know more.

The main parts of the machine

* Laser source
* Lens
* Control card
* Software
* Working table
* Galvo head

The details about the machine:

* Laser source

Firstly,laser source.we should focus more on laser source.This is the most important part.It is the core part of laser machine.:As far as we know,nowadays,there are two laser source popular in the market.Raycus and IPG.

Raycus laser source, the best brand in China.Cost-effective.

IPG,the best brand in the world.From Germany.Expensive.

In my opinion,Raycus is better.

About the difference between Raycus and IPG,pls check another article.

gun engraving machine,fiber laser engraving machine for gun-Jill



* Laser head or galvo head

Secondly,laser head.Sino-galvo is the most hot selling one in market.

When customers have a very high demand for marking speed and  precision.we suggest customers with Century Sunny.Extra usd 1,000 for sunny head.Such as the online flying marking machine.we should use this laser head.

However,some company want to save cost,so they use the other brand.Pls take care.

Otherwise,in order to help customers find focus easily.We offer custoemrs two red pointer.One is inner red pointer, another is outside red pointer.Below is the photo:

Cheap machine does not have this.


* Lens

Thirdly,lens.There are two popular.wavelength brand from Singapore.Sino From China.Other bad or unknown brand.

* Control card: JCZ control card from Beijng, the best one in China.

Fourthly,Control board.Especially in China,there are many copies for the control brand.Such as Husheng control brand.It is the copy JCZ,not original.How to Judge?we can see the ezcad version.

* Software: EZCAD software, from Beijing JCZ company.

Fifthly,ezcad.Original Ezcad software latest version must be above 2.14.0+(we use for customers).
if lower than 2.12.0, it could not be original. There are many copy version of BJJCZ  control board.original version has BJJCZ letters on it.If 2.7.6,it is copy.

①2.14.10 is original. by Beijing JCZ company.
2.7.6 is by other suppliers. Who copy BJ JCZ company technology.And sell it to suppliers. Price is cheaper.
You know Chinese people can copy anything.  🙂

② 2.14.10 version.we can update it. That means:
if JCZ company has some newest function and improvement for software.
clients can just go to their website.And download it and update their software by themselves.
2.7.6 version ,customers can not  update it.

③2.14.10 version ,customers can install it with  32 or 64 digits Win 7, 8, 10 system
2.7.6 version ,customers can only  install it  on 32 digits Win 7 system.

* Working table:

Sixly,2D working table. for focus distance adjust by forward-backward/left-right moving.

It is  for focus distance adjust by forward-backward/left-right moving. 
2D worktable is standard can change X , Y direction . when client put his product on 2D worktable.
He can slightly change the marking position .

*Computer: Lenovo

Last but not least.Some Cheap marking machine does not have compauter.If customers do not need computer,no pro.Can save some money.


In a word,when buy machine,we can not only focus on price.Price is not everything.


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