Avoid condensation on the processing head-Max

Avoid condensation on the processing head

If the processing is not normal when the season changes or the temperature changes greatly on the day, according to dew point temperature, it can be checked whether the condensation inside the processing environment occurs.

Use dew point temperature lookup table
Training end users to use the dew point temperature lookup table can effectively reduce the risk of condensation in the laser and processing head environment.
The left side of the table is the current working environment temperature, the top edge is the current working environment humidity. and the intersection temperature of the temperature and humidity parameters is the «dew point temperature» in this environment. That is, any object below this dew point in this environment will have condensation on its surface. Therefore the adjustment principle is as follows:

Dew point temperature lookup table
The way to avoid condensation is to reduce the temperature difference between the laser operating environment and its cooling temperature.

laser growth of fiber laser cutting machine

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

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