Fiber Laser marking machine FAQ;Charry

Fiber Laser marking machine FAQ

Fiber Laser marking machine FAQ.

Firstly,Weak light.

Firstly,The marking software CW method is not select, the light will be weak.
Secondly,The M1, M2, and M3 positions on the Q drive are dialed incorrectly. The correct method is to select M1.
Thirdly,The focal length is faulty and the focus is re-adjust.
Fourthly,The water temperature is too high.
Fifthly,The xenon lamp is aging.
Sixthly,All-reverse or semi-reflective lenses, focusing lenses, galvanometer lenses, Q-switch lenses are dirty or wipe. Wipe clean or exchange.
The cavity, total reflection mirror, half mirror and beam expander are not adjust and re-mediat.
Finally,The laser is not hitting the center of the galvanometer, or the lens of the galvanometer is scratch. Re-adjust the light path or change the galvanometer.

Secondly,The galvanometer does not move.

The board is bad. The voltage of the X and Y galvanometer signals on the board is normal: 0-5V transition when marking, 0V when not marking.
The galvanometer signal line is open and exchang it.
The galvanometer is obstruct and replace the galvanometer.
The computer control system or computer obstructs, reinstalls the system or exchanges the computer.

Thirdly,Wrong size

The exported graphic itself does not match the requiring graphic size and is redrawn. Simple graphics can re-brand with marking software, and the two-fold graphics are easily deform.
The focal length produces a transformation that re-adjusts the focal length.
The scale parameter is not adjust. Re-adjust the parameters.
If multiple patterns are marked in the same graphic, the size of each pattern is different, and the gold orange software can adjust the calibration parameters.

After you get our machine,if you have small problems of operation.

Our engineers will support you,do not worry.


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