the difference between mopa laser and fiber laser and its application advantages-Ella

the difference between mopa laser and fiber laser and its application advantages

Firstly, in anodized aluminum sheet surface stripping application:

Today’s Mopa laser electronic products are getting thinner and lighter.

Many mobile phones, tablets, and computers use thin oxidized aluminum as outer case.

When use fiber laser to mark the conductive position on the thin aluminum plate, deform material,

and a «convex package» generate on the back surface, which directly affects the appearance.

The parameters of smaller pulse width of mopa laser can make material less deform

and the shading is more delicate and bright.

This is because mopa laser use a small pulse width parameter to make laser stay on material for a shorter time,

and has enough energy to remove the anode layer.

Therefore, for processing of stripping the anode of a thin alumina plate, mopa Lasers are a better choice.

Secondly,anodized aluminum blackening application

Using laser to mark on black trademark, model, text, etc. on the surface of the anodized aluminum material.

This application has been widely used in electronic products by electronic manufacturers

such as Apple, Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo and Meizu in the past two years.

For this type of application, only mopa laser is currently available for processing.

Since mopa laser has a wide pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment range,

parameters of the narrow pulse width and high frequency can be use to mark the black surface on the surface of the material.


3. Electronic, semiconductor, ITO precision processing applications

In precision machining such as electronics, semiconductors, and ITO, it is often necessary to use fine scribing applications.

Due to its own architecture, the Q-switched laser cannot adjust the pulse width parameter,

so the line drawn is difficult to be fine. The MOPA laser can flexibly adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters,

which not only makes the line drawn fine, but also the edges appear smooth and not rough.