fiber laser marking machine main parts and functions-chris

We use fiber laser marking machine in our life a lot.And we use it to mark on many things,like glasses, watches, jewelry, or the delicate patterns and trademarks.

fiber laser marking machine main parts and functions

And here are components of the fiber laser marking machine and their role:

First, laser power supply

It provides power for the fiber laser.And the input voltage is 220 V , and we usually install it in the control box of the machine.

Second, fiber laser source

It is the most important part of the machine because it provide the laser. It has a long service life and we usually install it in the casing of the machine.

Third,  control system board and marking software

It is the center of the machine and the carrier of software installation and it controls the machine to do marking.

Forth,2 D working table

We put the things on the working table and mark.Because we can adjust the X and Y axis to move the working table,we can move the things without hands.So it is easy for us to mark on small things, and it can help us mark more accurately.

Fifth,laser scanner

It can control the  beam deflection on a flat surface and it is the necessary  part of the machine.

Sixth,F-theta lens

The function of the lens is to focus. And it is also an important part of the machine.Its working area is not fixed,and they are usually be 110*110mm,200*200mm and 300*300mm.

The scan area is bigger,then the focus length is longer,so the light is weaker.

Seventh,lifting pillar

The lifting pillar is also an important part of the machine,but it is not necessary for all types machine. We can adjust it to change the focus length,so it is used in many types of machines.

In mini type machine,there is no lifting pillar. So there is a 3D working table and we can adjust the focus length through it.

Eighth,water chiller

The machine produces heat while working,so we need water chiller for 200w machine or higher watt machine.

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