Could fiber laser marking machine mark concrete?-Angelina

Fiber laser marking machine for concrete

As people know,fiber laser marking machine,  on the one hand,could mark stainless steel, metal,  on the other hand, could mark plastic.

But whether could it mark on the concrete material?

Also the answer in yes, it could not only mark on the plastic, but also mark on the concrete, and the marking outcome is as good as the other material.

Several days ago, I met a customer, and he is a pen manufacturer.

Different with other pen manufacturer, his pen material is concrete. Therefore, he is worried about that whether our fiber laser marking machine could mark or not.

For making him believe that our machine could mark on the concrete, first I show him one video as below:

As we all know, the concrete is hard very much, so it is totally different from the other material, the below is a brief introduction of this material:

Concrete is a composite material ,also it composes of coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement.

It hardens over time. Also most concretes are lime-based concretes,such as Portland cement concrete or concretes.

It’s material is other hydraulic cements, such as ciment fondu.

However, people often use  asphalt concrete for road surfaces, because it is also a type of concrete.

And the cement material is bitumen.

The laser source our company use is Raycus, and it is the best brand in China, and IPG of Germany:

raycus laser source


ipg laser germany

Besides, the laser wavelength of marking machine is 1064nm, and it is enough to mark even harder material.

Besides, comparing to other marking machine, it also has many advantages as below:


1.Good laser beam ,higher photoelectric conversion, and fine engraving quality

2.Air cooling

3.No maintenances (100,000 hours service time)

4.High quality, permanent engraving or repetitive high precise

5.Easy to use by unskilled operator

6.Rapid engraving speed

7.Non-contact engraving process,and eliminates material stress

8.low operation cost

9.Marks directly to product, eliminates labels-cost

10.Automatic serialization/date

11.Very small legible characters, logos, graphics or bar codes

12.Adaptable to various automated production line system, including engrave-on-fly -parts moving

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