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Working principle of metal laser marking machine

  1. Working principle of metal laser marking machine is the most interesting topic for the metal laser marking machine.

This time, we will share more details of metal laser marking machine. What makes the metal laser marking machine works, let’s click here and know more.

Firstly, the working principle of metal laser marking machine takes the fiber laser.

The metal laser marking machine uses the laser beam to mark on different metal materials surface. The marking effect is to evaporate the surface materials, then here will show out the deep materials. Or using the light’s feature of changing the physics  and chemical reflection to mark on metal surface. Or it is to use the light to burn the part materials, then it will also shows the pictures, letters accordingly.

Secondly, for the metal laser marking machine, here are two recongizable theories.

Heating processing is the laser beam with high energy density. (It is the high centralized energy flow) . When it reflects to the marking materials, then the marking materials can absorb the laser energy.  In the laser lighting area, it will inspire the laser radiation. It will enhance the marking materials surface’s temperature due to the allergic, burning, and evaporation.

Thirdly, another working principle for the metal laser marking machine, is the cold processing with high ultraviolet energy.

Fourth, many our clients are also interested in the relationships between lens and marking area.


















Currently, our scanning area are 110x110mm, 200x200mm, 300x300mm.

In additional, the scanning area are 50x50mm, 75x75mm, 175x175mm.

The scanner head’s marking area is bigger, and the user will accept it greatly. But if only increase the marking area, the focus point is larger, then the distortion focus is lost. What’s more, if enhancing the scanning area, it will enhance the focus distance, and working distance accordingly. If enlarging the working distance, then it will consumes the laser energy. If enlarging the scanning head, then it will needs to enlarge the focusing light diameter accordingly.

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