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Fiber laser marking machine principle detail explanation (1)

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Fiber laser marking machine principle

The laser symbol printing is through the laser marking machine to end the graphic printing. The basic principle is that the laser generator generates a high-energy continuous laser beam.

When the laser acts on the printing material, the atoms in the ground state transition to a higher energy situation. Then the atom in a higher energy situation is unstable. And will quickly return to the ground state. And when the atom returns to the ground state. It will release extra energy as a photon or quantum. And convert light energy into heat energy to make the surface material. The time melts, even vaporizes, and then forms a symbol of the picture.

1. Laser generator

The following will take the Xenon lamp laser marking system as an example to illustrate the principle of the laser generator. After the xenon lamp energize, the xenon lamp in the xenon lamp broke down by a high voltage of 20 kV. And the power supply automatically converts the output voltage to 100 V (5A). And persists in the continuous arc discharge of the xenon lamp.

In the laser generator, the xenon lamp located on a focal point of an elliptical condenser cavity. And the arc of the xenon lamp is reflected by the condenser cavity. And then all gathers at another focal point – crystal yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG).

After the YAG absorbs the pump light, it forms a continuous laser with a wavelength of 1060 nm. Then the continuous laser oscillates back and forth between the front mirror. And the rear mirror perpendicular to the optical axis in the resonant cavity. And outputs the mirror in early years.

2. Laser marking machine principle

The RF driver controls the switching of the Q-switch. Then the continuous laser becomes a pulsed light with a peak power of 110 kW under the action of the Q-switch. After the pulsed light passes through the aperture, it reaches the threshold. And the output from the resonator reaches the expanded beam. So mirror and beam are transmitted by the beam expander and transmitted to the scanning mirror. And the scanning lens of the X-axis and Y-axis directions of the servo motor rotates to scan the light. At the end, the power of the laser beam further expand by the plane collection field. Then collected at the work plane. Mark on. The entire process is controlled by the calculator.