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Benefits and competitive advantages of fiber laser cutting equipment

With the continuous development of technology, science and technology to promote the people’s life has become a major factor in development.Whatever the industry, must rely on strong in technology continue to depend on, fiber laser cutting machine industry is no exception.Fiber laser cutting machine is the product of a high-tech era, it can say to produce fiber laser cutting machine is both selection era,but also the inevitable development of the times.

You can not polite to say, to produce fiber laser cutting machine is a mechanical industry milestone progress. Here XT laser with you to understand a little laser cutting machine.

Introduction of fiber laser cutting machine

Refers to the so-called fiber laser cutting machine is a mechanical cutting technology, through his mechanical surface treatment, so as to achieve the effect of cutting or engraving, which allows a workpiece to melt and evaporate quickly.Now the market is not limiting laser cutting machine cutting design patterns, and existing technology can easily do the cutting incision smooth, time-saving effect of a large number of publishing, it is precisely because of this, laser cutting can only be played instead of the traditional cutting the role of technology.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

1, high precision laser cutting machine can apply to different products, different areas, such as kitchen utensils, automobile, machinery, hardware, medical and other industries, especially in some of the relatively high technical requirements of the industry, laser cutting machine Requirements are particularly high.It can be of different products to fine cut, characterization, thereby making the production of a good product.

2, laser cutting machine cutting data quickly, the traditional cutting machine is slow, it will waste a lot of working time, the existing laser cutting machine, you can avoid this problem well, and even its speed reaches the traditional cutting machine 100 times.

3, laser cutting machine high cost.Compared with similar products, laser cutting machine very competitively priced, or even only 60% of similar products, which is a lot laser cutting machine manufacturers to choose the main

4, the use of low cost laser cutting machine, for enterprises to control business costs is critical.

If there are no production costs in this ring strict control, companies will increase production costs and reduce

According to statistics, the current price of production laser cutting machine mostly only about 18 yuan per hour,

while the traditional cutting machine or a similar product cost can reach 200 yuan an hour. The gap between the very

5, post-laser cutting machine maintenance costs, low maintenance costs. Laser cutting machine easily damaged, durable

You know, the maintenance of machinery products are very expensive, and laser cutting machine in this respect is a big

Fiber laser cutting machine market competitive advantage:

Laser cutting machine a strong product advantages allow to continue to grow in the machinery industry, and even become the main production technology Although laser cutting machine market is excellent, but the development if its technology is not up to date, and inevitably will be Times eliminated.

So many experts say, laser cutting machine in order to continue stable development continue to improve production technology, and tap new technology is the most critical thing, only the science and technology as the first element, as the core productivity to remain unbeaten in the industry land.

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