Fiber laser metal cutter operation-Wendy

Fiber laser metal cutter operation

Fiber laser metal cutter has better and better market now. Many customer start to change plasma and waterjet to fiber laser. As fiber laser has higher precision and higher speed.

When you got a fiber laser with a big amont money. Do you know how to maintance and operate? Here sare some items for reference.

When you got machine installed in factory. Then you can do some usual check and maintance as below.

a. First  Get familiar with the fiber laser cutter. Then  learn the safety, technical and management rules.

b. Engineer who operate machine should be trained .  And well known the machine. Also  Strictly follow the use instructions.

c. Make sure operators wear protective glass. To provent from any burn danger from laser .

d. Make sure the electrity power supply stable, gas , water in safe condition. When any emergency, turn off the main power.

e. Keep the room air clean and hygienic, for both machine lifetime and operator health.

f. Keep workshop temprature 5-30 °C. Also ensure the water chiller work normally , not freezing.

g. Always check the lubrication condition of the equipment. If any abnormality is found, it must shut down immediately for maintenance.

So if you turn on the laser without authorization, you will be at your own risk.

h. Also operator can not leave the production site in the boot state. And to prevent “rocker” hit the cutting head.