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Fiber laser meta cutting machine components details

Fiber laser metal cutting machine components details laser source choose.  Fiber laser source brand choose.

For laser source choose, first depends on what material do you cut. For example, if you only cut Stainless steel and carbon steel. Then IPG or Raycus is good for you.

If you need high power like 2kw. then we suggest IPG from Germany. May be more stable, usually hot sale in Europe.

If you need power like 500w to 1500w. Then we suggest Raycus better. Because it is more cost-effective.

If you need to cut aluminum and brass. And often cut the two materials. Then you need America N-Light laser source.

Why we suggest like this? Becasue aluminum and brass are high reflective material. Cut many like this will do harm to laser source.

Because N-Light is a specially one for aluminum and brass.

Now you know how to choose the laser source brand.


fiber laser cutting machine components details laser source choose-laser source power choose

Fiber laser cutting amchine components details, Fiber alser source power choose.

When it its plate cut part of machine. It is standard cut ability parameter.

For tube cut parts, if you cut tube also. We have the plate and tube cut together model. To confirm the power for tube. First you need to confirm your tube. It is seamless or welded one.

For seamless one, you just focus on standard cut ability. If it is welded one. Then you need to choose higher power.

But if you need 1000w cut 5mm seamless MS tube. Then you need 1500w to cut welded 5mm MS tube.

So follow this, you can choose a suitbale power.


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