How to find focus for fiber laser marking machine-Angelina

How to find focus for fiber laser marking machine

Some customer may do not know how to use the fiber laser marking machine.

This passage we will teach u how to find focus about the fiber laser marker.

So the customer could  use the machine easily.

Adjusting focuss purpose: laser is a kind of light beam of highly concentrate energy.

It can only mark on the focus point.

And we  can not mark on other position.   

In this case ,it should be adjusted before marking .

In order to get the best marking effect we should make the laser focus converged on the worktable.

fiber laser cutting machine

The way of adjusting: open the fiber laser marking machine and marking software.

Then put a metal plate on the worktable ,inputting content “Text and select  the “continuous part”.

Raising and falling down the pillar to find the strongest point after pressing the mark button.

fiber laser cutting machine

Which position is the focus:Raising and falling down the pillar after pressing the mark button.

Then watch carefully.

You will find a position which the laser is brightest and the sound of marking is loudest.

And this position is called focus point.

Also we can record the distance in order to find the position of the strongest laser marking.

For eg : F=160/163, the filed area is 110mm*110mm, the distance between edge of Lens and surface of part is 190mm (±2mm)。

 fiber laser cutting machine

If your machine has installed the external red light .

When you find the focus ,then need to adjust the external red light .

Ther are two screws here , you can loose the screws to make these two red points getting together .

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