Laser marking parameter introduction-Wendy

Fiber laser marking machine parameter introduce -marking scope

For the fiber laser marking machine there are some parameters. They have main affect on marking or engraving effect.One of the parameter is marking speed.

for example, Like marking scope. Normally within 100mm, and we can engrave and cut thin metal. Like copper, alunimum and gold within 1mm.

And for larger marking scope over 100mm, we can only mark. But  large marking area like 300mm can only mark. and need at least 30w working power.

Fiber laser marking machine parameter introduce-marking speed

There some company label the speed as 7000mm/s .  And some label the marking speed as  10000mm/s.
In fact the speed is only for the galvo head, not the real marking spead.
For the standare max speed we got from galvo manufacture is 7000mm/s. And some company just say higher speed 10000mm/s , just for attract customer.
When marking the max can only reach 3000mm/s to 4000mm/s. Max marking speed we suggest is 3000mm/s. Because  if too high speed, will do damage to the galvo head.

Fiber laser marking machine parameter introduce-frenquency

The frequency affect on marking effect.when  higher  frequency, the lower the peak power.
High frequency is good for  depth engraving , use high frequency for the final sweep. It can clean the marking slug on marking surface.

Fiber laser marking machine parameter introduce-lifetime of laser source

The parameter we got from laser source manufacture is 100000 hours.  This is test in standard working  condition.

The lifetime depends the use of the laser source.

Fiber laser marking machine parameter introduce- beam quality

The optical fiber laser is the medium mixed  double-clad fiber.  resonant cavity length, so the beam quality is very good.

M2 value is 1.2-1.5, the output flare diameter can achieve 10 microns. Excellent beam quality to ensure  a variety of material .

There will be satisfying marking effects as excellent beam quality. Also widely applied in most metal marking industries.

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