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Find a reliable manufacturer of fiber laser cutter

Now more and more foreign suppliers would like to cooperate the fiber laser cutter with Chinese company.

For them, excepting for the high quality, the Chinese machine price is also lower than others.

Therefore, cooperating with Chinese supplier would make them earn more profit.

So  which aspects should the agent notice when choosing the partner?

Here we will give some suggestions.

1.Some aspects for choosing fiber laser cutter manufacturer partner

First of all, the agent must pay attention to the company development and experience.

Some manufacturer have much experience cause they develop this fiber laser cutter from the beginning.

However, some supplier maybe do the co2 laser cutting machine from the beginning.

And then they change the co2 in recent years.

So comparing with the fiber laser cutter , they must be have some disadvantages.

Take our company for example, we produce the fiber laser cutter from the 2004.

We have 13 years experience in the fiber laser technology.

Therefore, comparing with those doing the co2 laser cutting machine, our company would be more professional.

Secondly,does this company could provide best service to agent?

We all know that everyone want to enjoy the best service from the supplier.

Good service could make the agent feel confident to the manufacturer.

For the fiber laser marking machine, we provide 5 years warranty to customer:

① First 3 years, it is totally free, including shipping broken part from overseas, and shipping freight from China to overseas , of course FREE repair
② 4th and 5th years, XT LASER only FREELY repair laser head, laser source, but buyer pay shipping freight from overseas to China, and from China to overseas

At last, agent  need to notice the technological level of the supplier.

The company must have a professional technological team as supporting.

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