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Find a reliable manufacturer of fiber laser cutter

Nowadays, more and more Chinese businessman begin to start the fiber industry, especially the fiber laser cutter industry.

They notice that the fiber laser industry is developing more and more fast than ever before.

Many metal process manufacturer choose the fiber laser cutter to cut their products.

They begin giving up the co2 laser cutting.

We all know that many foreign manufacturers also produce the fiber laser cutter, even some of them are more professional than us.

But there are still some foreigners would like to do business with the Chinese manufacturers.

That is because the price in China would be much lower.

But there are also some different quality machines in the Chinese market, how to choose a reliable cooperation company under this situation?

What do they need pay more attention to when decide cooperating with Chinese people?

1.To see whether they have factory of fiber laser cutter or not

As we all know, there are many trading company doing fiber laser industry business as well.

For this kind of company, they do not have their own factory, then could just contact with us.

So if the customer want to visit the factory and do test for themselves, this company cannot provide.

Besides, do not have their own company is equal to that they do not have professional knowledge.

Then have could they provide u the best solutions?

They even do not learn about their products and do not have factory to learn.

Our company is a fiber laser cutter machine manufacturer with 13 years experience.

What is the most important is that we have our own factory:

fiber laser cutter factory

The customer could visit here seeing the machine whenever the y are free.

2.To see the service provide

We offer 2 years warranty, during the period, any problem happen, we are responsible to solve.

And if any part of the machine was broken, which happens rarely, we would send you a new one by DHL,

And all cost is all on us.

1: We have seperated after-sale service departement on line, and almost 95% problems from our clients can be solved here.

2: We take part in almost all industrial exhibitions around the world, during this time, we will pay a visit to our registered clients for free inspection and maintenance.

3: Our engineers are available to work overseas anytime and the after-sales training should be free.

fiber laser cutter

fiber laser cutting machine in exhibition

Besides, we could send our engineer to customer country, helping them to install the machine.

Or tell them how to use the machine, provide the professional training.

The customer could also send their engineer here to attend free training.

install fiber laser cutter

If u want the high quality machine as well as sweet service, pls contact with us:

contact Angelina




skype: Angelina08

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